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Latest Update

November 17, 2022

New Features:

Allow Jurors to Zoom on Images & Expand to Full Screen
Impact: Jurors, Administrators, Artists

  • Added the ability for jurors to zoom in on images and also enable full screen to see image details more clearly. We have also improved our image requirements, removing the 1920 maximum pixel restriction. The image file size remains at a maximum of 5 MB.

Previous Updates

October 27, 2022

New Features:

Add EFT Tracking Fields to Contract Editor & Reports
Impact: Internal

  • Added a new field to CaFÉs internal contract editor and downloadable reports to be able to track if a client has signed up for EFT and the date enrolled. This will be used in the upcoming transition to EFT remittances.
Update Requirements for New Calls for Super Admins
Impact: Internal

  • Reduced the number of required fields specifically for the CaFÉ team when building new calls to reduce manual data entry.


Current & Archived Events Not Holding When Selected
Impact: Administrators, Internal

  • Fixed a minor issue with selected events not holding or loading properly in the event dropdown list.
Licensee Report Not Displaying Current Contracts
Impact: Internal

  • Fixed an issue with the internal licensee report not pulling contracts into the licensee report if the date began in the future.

September 27, 2022


Error Message Not Displayed for Juror Usernames that are Taken
Impact: Administrators

  • Fixed an issue in which an error message did not display if an administrator created a juror username that was already taken. The error message will now appear on the page and instruct administrators to choose a different username for the new juror account.
Information Only Application Questions Required to Answer
Impact: Administrators, Artists

  • Fixed an issue where some “information only” type questions were required on the application form and prevented artists from checking out. This occurred if an administrator changed a required application question from a standard question type to an “information only” type.

New Features:

Allow the CaFÉ Team to Generate, Schedule, and Send Test Eblasts
Impact: Internal

  • Added a feature to CaFÉ’s system notifications to allow staff to generate e-blasts based on an existing call, schedule e-blasts to be sent at a later date, and send test e-blasts.

August 25, 2022

System Maintenance:

Interface Update for the System Portfolio Page 
Impact: Internal

  • Updated design for the System Portfolio page used by CaFÉ staff to match the user interface of the front-facing pages.
Alert for Missing Images in Media Burns
Impact: Internal

  • Added an alert for CaFÉ staff to be notified if any images are missing from a media burn (i.e. when images are exported from a call for entry).
Security Updates
Impact: Internal

  • Implemented infrastructure changes to resolve some potential vulnerabilities.

July 28, 2022

New Features:

Allow Artists to Submit Links for Audio and Video Work Samples 
Impact: Administrators, Artists

    • Added the option for artists to add links, from third-party streaming services, to audio and video files rather than directly uploading files to their portfolio. Linked audio and video work samples will be embedded in the artist application and juror scorecard.
    • Note: Only YouTube and Vimeo links are supported for videos at this time.
Add Conditional Logic Questions
Impact: Jurors

    • Implemented conditional logic questions to the application editor so administrators can show or hide particular questions depending on answers to previous questions. This will allow administrators to customize their calls more succinctly and gain more detailed information from artists.

June 23, 2022

New Features:

Update Call Detail Page & Display Jury Dates
Impact: Administrators, Artists

    • Updated the design of the call detail page with a layout that will be easier for artists to view the call details and the organization’s information at a glance.
    • Added an optional feature to display the start and end dates of the jury on the call detail page. This will make it easier for artists to keep track of notifications of jury results and make the call for entry timeline more transparent.


Videos Cut Off in Jury Scorecard
Impact: Jurors

    • Fixed a display error with the width viewport that caused some videos to be cut off when viewed in the jury scorecard.

June 2, 2022


Populated Fields Marked as “Required”
Impact: Administrators

    • Fixed a minor issue in which certain fields on the Call Editor were incorrectly displaying a “required” error message, even if the field was already populated. The validation requirements have been updated and only display the error message if the required fields are blank.
Undelivered Emails & Timestamps Displaying Zero
Impact: Administrators, Artists

    • Resolved an issue with emails not being delivered or displayed a blank timestamp of 0/00/0000 for a particular call for entry. Updated the query criteria to resend any undelivered emails.
Video Playback Issues in Juror Scorecard
Impact: Jurors

  • Fixed two minor bugs related to video playback in the juror scorecard so all videos will play properly across all browser and scorecard types.

May 16, 2022


Images Missing from Scorecard
Impact: Jurors, Administrators

    • Updated our file storage to fix a minor issue with artwork samples not appearing in the jury scorecard for some applications.
Application & Media Inventory PDF Emails Not Sending
Impact: Administrators

  • Fixed a minor issue in which larger Media Inventory and Application PDFs were not being emailed within a reasonable amount of time, or at all.