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Latest Update

June 23, 2022

New Features:

Update Call Detail Page & Display Jury Dates
Impact: Administrators, Artists

  • Updated the design of the call detail page with a layout that will be easier for artists to view the call details and the organization’s information at a glance.
  • Added an optional feature to allow administrators to display the start and end dates of the jury on the call detail page. This will make it easier for artists to keep track of notifications of jury results and make the call for entry timeline more transparent.


Videos Cut Off in Jury Scorecard
Impact: Jurors

  • Fixed a minor issue with some videos being cut off when viewed in the jury scorecard, caused by the width viewport not being set to 100%.

Previous Updates

June 2, 2022


Populated Fields Marked as “Required”
Impact: Administrators

    • Fixed a minor issue in which certain fields on the Call Editor were incorrectly displaying a “required” error message, even if the field was already populated. The validation requirements have been updated and only display the error message if the required fields are blank.
Undelivered Emails & Timestamps Displaying Zero
Impact: Administrators, Artists

    • Resolved an issue with emails not being delivered or displayed a blank timestamp of 0/00/0000 for a particular call for entry. Updated the query criteria to resend any undelivered emails.
Video Playback Issues in Juror Scorecard
Impact: Jurors

  • Fixed two minor bugs related to video playback in the juror scorecard so all videos will play properly across all browser and scorecard types.

May 16, 2022


Images Missing from Scorecard
Impact: Jurors, Administrators

    • Updated our file storage to fix a minor issue with artwork samples not appearing in the jury scorecard for some applications.
Application & Media Inventory PDF Emails Not Sending
Impact: Administrators

  • Fixed a minor issue in which larger Media Inventory and Application PDFs were not being emailed within a reasonable amount of time, or at all.