Celebrating International Sculpture Day 2021

By April 28, 2021Blog
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Established by the International Sculpture Center (ISC) in 2015, International Sculpture Day is a worldwide annual celebration of sculptures and their creators. According to its website, the goal of the event is to further the ISC’s “mission of advancing the creation and understanding of sculpture and its unique, vital contribution to society.” This year’s celebration took place on Saturday, April 24 with several in-person and virtual events taking place all over the world. Any person or organization is invited to participate—and getting involved is as simple as using the  hashtag #ISDay on social media. 

To partake in International Sculpture Day’s celebration of the community and work of sculptors, we are highlighting some of the many organizations who use CaFÉ for their public art and sculpture programs.

City of Keller Rotating Sculpture Program

Starting in 2017, the City of Keller Public Arts Program, located in Keller, Texas implemented the Rotating Sculpture Program in the Old Town Keller area. Sculptures are selected for two-year periods, and all sculptures are created by Texas artists. While the Art Walk event was cancelled in 2020 due to the pandemic, the sculptures are on view in Old Town and images can be seen online by visiting the Rotating Sculptures Program website.

In addition to the Rotating Sculptures Program, the City of Keller Public Arts Program features permanent sculptures, rotating art displays inside Keller Town Hall, and several annual arts-related events.

Right: “High Stepping” by Bob Heintzelman, City of Keller Rotating Sculptures Program 2020. Heintzelman received the Best in Show award from the Keller Public Arts Board.

A silver sculpture in front of green grass
A brown buffalo made of various medal in a park

Fort Collins Sculpture in the Square

Sculpture in the Square is an annual celebration and exhibition of sculptures located in Old Town Fort Collins, Colorado. Every year, the Fort Collins Downtown Development Authority (DDA) selects artists to showcase their sculptures year-round. Since 2016, the DDA has used CaFÉ to collect submissions from artists and select the pieces for exhibition.

The sculptures from the 2020 exhibition can be viewed in person and online by visiting the Sculpture in the Square website. To get an up-close and personal look at the sculptures from the comfort of your own home, you can watch a video created by the DDA that shares more information about the program.

Left: “The Guide” by Zeke Derderian, Fort Collins Sculpture in the Square 2020.

Orange County Arts & Cultural Affairs

The Orange County Arts & Cultural Affairs Office elevates the status of arts and culture in central Florida by providing recommendations on funding, administering calls for public art commissions, and organizing exhibitions of fine art and sculptures, among other programs. Every year, the Sculpture on the Lawn program exhibits large-scale sculptures outside the Orange County Administration center from four selected artists who receive honorariums in exchange for loaning their work. Since 2018, Orange County Arts & Cultural Affairs has used CaFÉ to find and collect submissions from both experienced professional sculptors and emerging artists who specialize in the design, constructions, and installation of outdoor sculptures.

A woman in a row boat made of bronzein the middle of a park

The latest Sculpture on the Lawn exhibitdespite the pandemic—was successfully installed in 2020. On March 2, 2021, a virtual opening reception was held, featuring director Terry Olson giving background information in front of the installed sculptures followed by the artists themselves speaking about their work. Although the virtual reception was created as an alternative to an in-person event during the pandemic, it also allowed many more people to experience Sculpture on the Lawn, regardless of their location. 

Above: Orange County Arts & Cultural Affairs Executive Director Terry Olson describing the sculpture “I Went to See” by J. Aaron Alderman during the Sculpture on the Lawn virtual opening reception held on March 2, 2021.

Submissions are currently being accepted for next year’s Sculpture on the Lawn 2022. The deadline for artists to apply is May 10, 2021.

St. Joseph Sculpture Walk

Another fantastic display of sculptures takes place annually in St. Joseph, Missouri. Every year, the Allied Arts Council of St. Joseph hosts a sculpture walk with selected works from regional, national, and international artists. The goal of the sculpture walk is to be a nationally recognized platform for sculptures while engaging residents and visitors in the education and inspiration of the arts. The sculptures are on display for one year, and visitors can pick up brochures that guide them to each piece. Members of the public can then place a vote, either on the brochure or via online ballot, for their favorite sculpture to determine the People’s Choice Award. Although voting is now closed, images of the sculptures from the past year can be viewed by visiting St. Joseph Sculpture Walk 2020.

Right: “Miss Poppins’ Favorite” by Justin Delster, St. Joseph Sculpture Walk 2020.

An umbrella standing up on the sidewalk with a cloud above it.
A yellow beam with yellow, red, and blue poles coming from the center.

 Above: “Red Green Construction” by Ray Katz, Rosemary Beach Sculpture Exhibition 2019-20. Katz received the second place award.

Rosemary Beach Sculpture Exhibition

Gearing up for its third iteration, the Rosemary Beach Sculpture Exhibition (RBSE) is now accepting submissions from experienced sculptors from across the country. Located in northwest Florida, Rosemary Beach displays the selected sculptures around town for one year, and honorariums are given to each selected artist. Throughout the year, the sculpture exhibition creates the setting for educational programming, events, and self-guided tours. To view the 16 artists selected for the 2019-20 exhibition, visit the Rosemary Beach Sculpture Exhibition website. You can also watch a video of the sculptures displayed throughout the town.

The theme for the upcoming sculpture exhibition is Caring About Tomorrow: Exploring Environmental Interdependence Through Public Art. Artists are encouraged to submit entries that reflect on the state of environmental interdependence and how concerted actions we take today can ensure a healthier population and planet for tomorrow. Applications are accepted until May 15, 2021 and can be submitted via Rosemary Beach Sculpture Exhibition 2021-22 on CaFÉ. 

Written by Communications Coordinator Justine Chapel