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By June 11, 2019Blog
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Over the years, CaFÉ has worked to become more than just a tool for building and managing calls for artists, but also a resource for both artists and administrators. In this blog, we have gathered four different blog posts about public art. If you are new to the field or looking for support, this blog is for you! Dive in and read advice and insights from experts in the field.

Public Art Blog Index

Already a CaFÉ administrator in the public art field? The CaFÉ team recently created a Tools for Success for Public Art Calls infographic. Here are the key takeaways:

  1. Include detailed instructions for your requirements, timeline, and budget.
    Public art calls will almost always Jury by Artist.
  2. Make sure you are clear that your call is a request for qualifications (RFQ) or a request for proposals (RFP).
  3. Use the Application Custom Questions to collect anything from a resume to an image list!
  4. Be transparent with your artists–send them an email with their jury results and next steps!

We encourage you to review the full infographic here.

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CaFÉ strives to foster community and provide resources to the field in an effort to align our work with the mission of our host organization, the Western States Arts Federation (WESTAF). WESTAF is a regional arts nonprofit that weaves technology, diverse thought leadership, and innovation to energize, network, and fund public sector arts agencies and communities.