Year in Review: CaFÉ in 2022

By February 3, 2023Blog

The CaFÉ team is looking back on another significant year for art exhibitions, public art projects, sculpture walks, and more! We always look forward to seeing what new opportunities are being created for artists across the U.S. and internationally. We are also looking back at all the improvements that were made to the site. In July, we made it possible for artists to submit online links for their video or audio submissions, making applying even easier. We also added conditional logic for application questions to help administrators collect more detailed information from artists. In November, we added a feature that allows jurors to zoom in on artwork images, improving the evaluation experience. We plan on adding many more updates in the coming year; follow along on our product updates page!

As we look ahead to a new year for making it easier for organizations to create calls for entry and for artists to find them, we invite you to look back on our review of 2022.

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148,200+ Active artists

732 Total organizations

Location of U.S. Artists: Map depicting the U.S. shaded gray from dark (most artists) to light (fewest artists). Darker shaded areas showing the top five states of most CaFÉ artists include (in order): California, New York, Colorado, Texas, and Florida. Lighter shaded areas showing the five states with the fewest CaFÉ artists include (in order) North Dakota, Delaware, Mississippi, West Virginia, and South Dakota.

147,324 Entries submitted

1,282 Calls for entry

$20.42 Average entry fee

62.24 days Average length of time a call was open

17 Improvements

32 Fixes

Customer service requests answered

143 Artists featured on our #RechargeTheArts Instagram page – @callforentry

Top 5 Call Types: Pie chart depicting the top five call types:

  1. Exhibitions: 806
  2. Public Art: 329
  3. Competitions: 139
  4. Photography: 60
  5. Residences: 42
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Written by Communications & Marketing Manager Justine Chapel